Contemporary Designs in Unique Colors

It is possible to have contemporary bridesmaid dress designs along with unique colors. Most couples choose dresses based upon their color scheme. This is normally a combination of two featured colors. One of the unique selections in this category is silver bridesmaid dresses. Although the color was common decades ago for weddings, it is resurging today.

Silver bridesmaid dresses are available in a variety of different styles. Some of these are more formal in their appearance. They showcase long skirts, trains and classic details. Contemporary designs may push the envelope when it comes to length and necklines. Depending on the time of year of the ceremony, certain fabrics will be more popular. Finding designs that suit your taste and harmonize with color schemes is essential to the selection.

Short Front and Low Back Skirts

The skirt of the dress plays a large role in the overall presentation. One of the modern designs includes a short front and a low back skirt. These may have layers or flared designs. The front shows more leg, while the back reaches traditional lengths. These features work together to make quite a display.

Pearl and Lace Accents

Pearl and lace accents work well with silver. They can also be used with fabrics like satin. Embroidered components of the dress that have stunning accents are important. These are often features that harmonize with the wedding dress. Bridesmaid dresses are mean to match this dress in more than one way. Coloring and tailored details are a part of this harmony.

Cap Sleeve Displays

When the weather is warm outside, brides like to show more of their arms and shoulders. A great feature to consider for these silver dresses is cap sleeves. They are design details that highlight this area altogether.

Always consider bridesmaid dresses that fit with your colors and d├ęcor. These are dresses that match the colors of the wedding or include them. Silver is a malleable color in that it works well with many different shades. You can use it along with cream, white, blue and green. Some of these will be based upon the season of the ceremony. Modern designs are available in virtually every style of dress.